Junior College Field Trip to Cal State Los Angeles


Every year since 2009, CBT has organized a college field trip to CSULA for all 11th grade students and their parents and mentors.  Our goal in organizing this trip is to create an opportunity for our 11th grade students and their parents to tour an excellent university campus not far from their homes.  We hope that this field trip will stimulate family discussions about college during the students' 11th grade year - - much earlier than what is otherwise typical in MUSD.

This year's annual field trip to CSULA, which occurred on Saturday, November 4, 2017, was very successful.  More than 280 CBT students, parents and mentors from all 4 high schools were in attendance, making this field trip to CSULA by far the best-attended ever.  Among those who participated in this exciting event were 157 juniors, 97 parents and family members, and 26 mentors.  (See attached photograph showing one group of those students with some of their mentors.)


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Joshua Ian