SAT Prep Course

Every year since 2010, when CBT’s pilot group of students in the Schurr High School Class of 2011 was in the 11th grade, CBT has offered to all of our 11th grade students a free 30-hour SAT Prep Course at no cost to the students or their families.

CBT hires 2 professional tutors (one math tutor and one English tutor) to provide SAT Prep instruction after school and on Saturday mornings to our 11th grade students at each high school.  In addition to receiving SAT Prep instruction, all of our students are given an opportunity to take 3 practice SATs - - one at the beginning of the course, one halfway through, and the third at the end - - just a few days before they take the actual SAT.


Results Backed By Data

Data maintained by CBT regarding the scores achieved by our students on their practice SATs since 2010 shows that that, on average, our students have increased their scores by 100 points between the first and the last practice SAT.  Many of our student have increased their scores by 200-300 points.

Most of our students cannot afford to pay for private SAT Prep instruction, since 85% of them come from low-income families.  But CBT’s free SAT Prep Course has enabled our students to become much more competitive college applicants.


Supporting Student Success


From the beginning, CBT has contracted with Compass Education Group to provide this course.  Compass is generally regarded as one of the best tutorial services in Southern California. In addition to sending 2 different expert Compass tutors to each high school every year, Compass has frequently provided to CBT, without charge, excellent consulting services regarding complex issues inherent in standardized testing.  Compass has also generously offered deep discounts to CBT on the cost of the course every year. But despite this generosity, paying for this course has become CBT’s largest annual expenditure. For example, the cost of providing the course in 2018 to our 11th grade students at all 4 high schools was approximately $25,000.

Fortunately, Edison International (the parent company of Southern California Edison) has generously donated to CBT every year since 2011 to help us pay for this course.  In December 2017, Edison increased the amount of its annual grant to CBT to $20,000 - - enough to cover most of this year’s course.

Joshua Ian