Parent Engagement


Throughout the course of our 5-semester program, parents are encouraged to ask for help and guidance from their CBT Advisor, CBT Staff and or the CBT mentors assigned to their students whenever the need arises. Our parents appreciate this broad support. We work very hard to reach out to parents and other family members of CBT students to emphasize that we want them to actively participate in our program. Experience shows that our students are more successful if their parents and other family members understand CBT’s goals and how we operate, and if they know the steps they can take to help their students succeed in the program.


We ask all CBT parents to help us encourage their students to attend every meeting, participate in every field trip, and complete all homework assignments. At the outset of our 5-semester program, CBT parents are required to provide written consent for their 10th grade students to enroll in the program. From the start, we encourage CBT parents to remain actively involved in our program until their students graduate from high school.


We take the following steps to encourage and promote parent engagement in our program:

  • make sure parents know we want to partner with them in helping their students navigate the college application process
  • tell parents we will provide to them the same college-related information that we provide to the students
  • encourage parents to conduct family discussions about college starting in the 10th grade
  • distribute the schedule of meeting dates to all parents, and encourage the parents to attend all meetings and field trips when parents are invited 
  • provide English/Spanish interpretation at all parent meetings
  • help parents learn about FAFSA and how to pay for college
  • make sure parents know that substantial financial aid is available at private 4-year colleges throughout the United States for high-achieving low-income students 
  • distribute to parents copies of their students’ transcripts, help them learn how to interpret the transcripts, and encourage them to discuss the transcripts with their students


Bringing Parents Together With Other Parents


Many of our parents place a high value on the CBT program because we provide opportunities for them to meet and talk with other parents who are also going through the college application process.


Parent Meetings



By attending program meetings and activities, our parents have an opportunity to speak with other parents and students about the college application process. Parents can observe their students as they make oral presentations and undertake other program activities with the students on their team. During 11th grade, all parents are invited to join the students and mentors on a college field trip to Cal State LA which includes student-guided campus tours and a 1-hour orientation session led by an admissions representative. Throughout the course of our 5-semester program, parents are encouraged to ask for help and guidance from their CBT Advisor, CBT Staff and or their student’s mentors whenever the need arises. Our parents appreciate this broad support.

Finally, as stated above, CBT provides an interpreter at all parent meetings who brings radio-frequency headsets for those parents who prefer to listen to all proceedings simultaneously translated into Spanish.


10th Grade

  • At the first meeting, parents attend a one-hour orientation and Q&A session regarding our program led by the their CBT Advisor and CBT Staff
  • At the last meeting in June, parents observe their students as they and their teammates make oral presentations about their college visits

11th Grade

  • At the first meeting, parents spend 30 minutes getting to know the three mentors who will be working with their students during the next two years
  • At the third meeting, parents join the students and their mentors on a 2-hour college field trip to CSULA

12th Grade

  • In October, parents attend a FAFSA workshop
  • In April, parents attend a workshop presented by alumni parents regarding what to expect when their students transition from high school to college
  • In June, parents attend Mentor Appreciation Day, a festive occasion when the students thank their mentors and everyone celebrates the students’ college successes
Joshua Ian